Sunday, August 28, 2016

That Chocolate Bag

When I saw a bag similar to the one below on the 'net, I knew I wanted to make one myself. I've read the tutorial a few times, but when the time came to do my own bag, I couldn't find it any more, so I made sort of my own thing.
For a while now I asked friends not to throw away the wrapping of the Ritter Sport chocolate bars, but instead give them to me. Over time I got quite a good number together.
After cleaning them (there's always a bit of chocolate sticking to the inside - yucky) I pressed them flat in an old atlas I don't use anymore. After a couple of days they are nice and flat and I could fold them to the size I wanted (though, I think, if I know the size in advanced, I also could fold them before pressing)
I then sewn the bag together and lined it with black fabric.
I'm pretty happy with the result and it's surprisingly sturdy and useful for shopping.
I learned a few things on this the frist try, so I think the second one will be a bit easier. I plan on a small one as a project bag for small knitting projects (not that I don't have about a million of those already)

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Honour Diversity

I'm using the time I'm spending in front of the TV watching the olympics to finally finish a long term x-stiching project. I'll have to search if I can find out when I started this, but it's been a few years now.
This is it with all the cross stitching done.
I still have to do the back stitching (not my favortie part) *sigh*
On the baby front, my friend's son has been born ten days ago and all is well with mother and child. He already got his new blanket and also a new jacket, knitted following the ever popular (it's been my third one) Baby Surprise Jacket pattern.
As I used a normal sock yarn it turned out rather on the smallish side. 
I hope it fits him for more than a week.

Friday, August 05, 2016

Making Waves

I'm back to work on the Gold Fish Pond Quilt.
I actually finished making all the fish (a 72 in total, though 8 of those are going to be sorted out)
I'm now on the water and finished 34 blocks so far (out of a minimum of 124 - though I'm thinking about a few more)
Think I have to do a few more with less contrast and mix them in.