Friday, December 30, 2016

2016 --> 2017

Well, 2016 is coming to the end, so there's a moment to look back, and maybe also to look forward.
This year was definitely more quilting heavy than the one before.
I finished:
     - two large quilts: Scrappy Trellis and Summer in the Park
     - two large quilt tops: Goldfish Pond and the Tula Pink City Sampler (haven't shown the last one here yet)
     - one small quilt: the braided baby quilt
     - three pillows: Raspberry Kisses, Wonky Log Cabin, and Rainbow Star
     - a couple of wall hanging: Orca-stra, Rainbow Scraps, and Flowers & Butterflies

I also made a couple of bags, two upcycling Ritter Sport bags and my lovely (and constantly in use) money purse.
On the upcycling front I also made two rags using old t-shirts.

I did knit twelve pairs of socks, one baby jacket, one big cardigan (Blue Sands Cardigan), and one shawl (which was adopted by my sister when she was here on my mom's birthday).
I also crocheted the Greenway afghan, which went to my mom.

So, what to do in 2017.
First of I need to finish the two quilt tops.
I'm also working on a scrappy (no big surprise there) quilt using all those 2inch squares I've been collecting over time. I haven't decided on a final layout, though there are a couple of candidates. For now I'm sewing 9 patch blocks, whenever I have a bit of time and nothing else planned. This is a long term project.
I also want to make a HST quilt using blue and neutrals. Currently I'm making 3 inch blocks using the 4 in 1 method. This works perfectly with charm squares.

On the knitting front I do have a cardigan in the works. Body is done and half of one arm, so only one and a half arm is left plus the collar. I'm using lace yarn held double, so it's slow going.
Of course there will be more socks. There always will be more socks.
I try to work with my stash yarn and not buy additional yarn if possible. From the yarn I have registered in my Ravelry stash, I have 56km sitting around. This should (hopefully) keep my busy for a few more years.

I would like to do some weaving again, which is always good for stash reduction.

To all of you a happy new year.
Keep on Crafting!

Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Goldfishpond - A Quilt Top

I just finished the top for my Goldfishpond quilt.
The pattern is by Bernadette Mayr from her book 'Wasser-Patchwork' (I don't know if it has been translated into English. I checked on Amazon, but couldn't find it)
There are a total of 240 blocks in the quilt. Most of it is water, but there are also about 64 fish. Once I figured out how to get a good fish, it was super fun to make them.
A fun project overall. It won't be the last quilt I made from one of Benadette's pattern.

Sunday, December 04, 2016

Let It Snow

Winter is coming.
Though no snow so far, at least not in real live.
So, I crocheted my own snow(flakes).
That snow has the big advantage that it doesn' melt.
Some of my favorties in more detail:
I'm using Coats puppets Eldorado 16 (100% cottonm 385m/50g) and a 1.25 hook.
 The patterns are from all over the place. Some I found by googling for crochet snow crystals, some I found on pinterest, some on Ravelry.
 I'm nowhere done yet. Actually, I have five more on the stretching board after soaking them in starch and pinning them within an inch of their lives.
And the next one after this is halfway done, already.