Sunday, November 25, 2007

Socks again

Well, I knew it would be inevitable - I'm only surprised that it took me until so late in the year that I actually started. I'm knitting socks. Like every year.
Thing is, I do have plenty of self-knitted socks. There is no denying it. I have socks made of cotton, a bamboo blend, or with silks (blends). I have them with self stripping yarn, mono-colored, or handpainted yarn.
I do wear them, but normally only at home to keep my feet nice and toasty while sitting on the couch. I don't wear them outside, as I don't have many shoes where my feet plus self-knitted socks would fit. And because of this, they do last forever (well, maybe not forever, but pretty long at least)
I do give them away, honestly, but really, how many pairs of socks can you give to others before they think you're totally bonkers? Selling them? Hmm, not something I want to do (for whatever strange reason)
So, why, honored readers, why do I knit more?
Because it's FUN! I might bitch and moan about a certain pattern, but in the end it is loads of fun.
Like this time. There's a new Regia color out, called Canyon Colors. I've got esprit color (2810), which is a lovely self stripping yarn in greens with a dash of blue and orange. Then I found the perfect pattern for this yarn in a book a friend gave me as a present (Cool Socks and Warm Feet)

Here's sock number 1:

I did some modifications for the pattern. I used a different cuff, heel, toe than the pattern asked for and I also knitted the sole instead of following the patterns (which would have asked for doing the spirals all the way round)
I'm working now on the second sock, trying the make the pattern spiral in the opposite direction. I'm not totally happy so far, but I'll get there.

Ah, in case I'd ran out of ideas, I bought a new book - about socks.

I've heard some people complaining on Amazon, that the patterns are not that good, but what I've seen so far, I really liked. I'm sure to try a couple of those eventually.

Full moon last night. I couldn't resist and try to take a picture with the new camera / lens.

Not too bad, eh?
I did use a tripod, but I think it would have been okay without it. The shutter speed was pretty fast on this one. With a lower speed, the moon simple got too bright.

I don't know if I can/will blog next week, as I'll fly to Japan for two weeks on business, which means that the weekend it pretty much messed up (not to forget the 8hr time difference)

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Hot off the Needle

I've been thinking very hard (well, maybe not too super hard, but I've been thinking) if I ever made a hat. And I'm pretty sure I didn't. Not in the last 20 years anyway. But given the amount of snow I saw last week and the fact that winter is going to be long, I decided to give it a spin. I looked at patterns and then I made something up (inspired by some, but not following any 'official' pattern)

I had the wool in my stash. It was one of those typical sales buy - no idea what to do with it really, but, hey, it was cheap. I did a pair of fingerless gloves of the middle blue wool, so I was not sure how much I had left, which is the reason I added the stripes - which I seriously like :)
Of course, still got plenty of wool left ...
The hat is a bit on the short side, and I was thinking about ripping it up and start again, but then I decided that it's okay as it is and if I want a warmer hat, I always can knit another one (I did mention that there's still some wool left, right?)

I did buy some sock wool last week, and I'm going to start a new pair tonight. And, no, I don't have enough sock wool already, why do you ask?

Also, I did promise a new pic of king Tut and here it is:

In case you wonder, I worked on the left had side of the picture, a lot of the background there and a good part of his head dress. Still some way to go, though.

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Hello Henry

Late September I started with Henry, a pattern from the last issue of Knitty.
Now the scarf is finished.

Alone the bind off took me all day today. I used up a little bit more than three balls of the wool.
It is curling a little bit around the edges, which makes me not exactly happy, but I have to see how it behaves after washing and drying.

Here's a close up of the pattern - front right hand side, back left hand side.

I did five repeats of the pattern, though the original said seven, but it just got too wide, so I stopped at a place I felt comfortable with.

Stitched some on King Tut, but not really enough to show of. Maybe next time.

Sunday, November 04, 2007

No One Noticed the Cat

Hmm, nobody guessed the patterned I've started last week. Well, now for an update

Now, with one of the eyes done, it should be much easier.

The pattern it It's All in the Eyes Cats Series #4 from Ronnie Rowe Designs. The sample in is stitched on a 18ct Aida, but as I'm not a big fan of Aida I switched to some 40ct natural linen, stitched over 2 with one strand of DMC310. The eye color (just the pupils) in the original is some rayon yellow, but again, I guess I'm going to switch to another color, possibly green.
It is a fairly easy stitch and I love the effect it gives, though you need some patience as it takes a long time until you see something. Surface wise I've finished about 25%, stitch wise I'm closer to 40% as there's a lot of free space on the left side.

Also, the king is back. I've finally decided to give good ol' King Tut another spin.

It's been a long time and I forgot how freakingly big the whole thing is. This weekend I only worked on the background and I've miscounted a few times (and some of that I did frog like a good girl - some I didn't) but I guess, there's no way anybody ever will notice.

New Atlantis was a very cool episode again - after a somewhat mediocre one the week before. No quotes, though.