Monday, February 19, 2018

New Beginnings

After finishing a big quilt (Quilt Oddity) and finishing the top of another one (Double Star - no photo yet, but basically the same as last April) I decided I was 'allowed' to start another quilt.
I decided to do 'Flames' from the book 'Modern Rainbow' by Rebecca Bryan.
My starting point for this was a small jelly roll in rainboy colors, though I added additional fabric from my stash.
So far I'm made red, pink, orange, gold, and yellow flames.
Now on to yellow/green, green, blue/green, blue and purple. Making these flames is a lot of fun, really. The layout above is not the final layout, there's a lot of sashing that will be added later.

I also decided to get back to do some stitching. I've got  a couple of larger x-stitch kits that sit in a box at home, which is really a shame.
The first I pulled out is called 'Panda Row' and was a gift from a friend many, many years ago. I even was a good girl and did a proper grid before I started stitching.
This kit has a fairly limited palett of colors (I think it's only 17 or 19 colors), but the result looks pretty cool if I may say so. And isn't that panda super-cute?

Sunday, February 04, 2018

A Quilt Oddity

This quilt has been a while in the making.
I've been collecting 2 inch squares basically since I started quilting. Eventually I started sewing 9 patches together, storing them in a tin box and adding to them whenever I didn't really know what else to sew.
I found the pattern for this (called 'Growing Up Odd') a while back and it was one of several options before I finally decided to got with this.
So I present (tata!): 'The Quilt Oddity'
The back is basically the same pattern. I stuck with solids only (all from my stash) and used 5 inch squares instead of 2 inch. The sashing then is black instead of white (which makes the colors pop quite lovely, even in the crappy weather we have today)
The size is fairly decent with circa 234 cm x 188 cm (91 inches x 73 inches)
For the quilting I went with simple, just an all over meander in white thread on the front and black on the back.
The binding is in black with a bright, colorful faux piping. I really like the look of this type of binding, even though getting it to look neat is a pain in the butt.