Sunday, November 25, 2012

Socks, Socks, Socks

Three pairs of socks are finished.
Pair 1: made from some scraps of Wollmeise (in the colors 'Wasabi' and 'Türkis Markis') plus some yarn I dyed back in March. The patterns is made up by me, but basically a simple 3 knit / 1 purl pattern. 

Pair 2: Again Wollmeise yarn in a mystery colors, probably 'Gewitterhimmel' or 'Mitternacht'. The patterns is Thelonious by the fantasically talented CookieA.
I do LOVE her patterns.
 Pair 3: same pattern I made last year and the year before. Both time for my mom, who l loves those socks (as she sends them back to me to fix the holes - repeatably!). So, those went to my mom as well. The pattern is called Mermaid and the yarn is Regia Design Line Kaffe Fassett.

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Hot off the Presses (ehr, Pressing Board)

I just about finished the top for my patchwork rainbow blanket:

Now I "only" have to sew the back part together, make the quilt sandwich, quilt it and finish the binding. Should be a snatch.
Yeah, right!

Sunday, November 04, 2012

Slowly Approaching

It's less about seven weeks to Christmas, but this year I'm prepared!

Well, that is I'm already working on x-mas decorations.
The first one is a Bascetta Star, a bloody brilliant origami star with 20 points, made from 30 pieces of square paper. You fold each of the 30 pieces of paper into a specific diamond shape and then you built the star without a drop of glue or any other additional fixing aid.
Briliant and a little bit magical.

The other is a bit more mundane and involves a lot of hand sewing. It's using the Englisch Paper Piecing technique, which I really wanted to try out. I particularly like how the one on the right has turned out.

Other than that I'm making progress on my rainbow patchwork blanket. After a visit to my local patchwork dealer, ehr, sorry, store, I decided to neither go with white or gray, but went with a very dark blue instead. Good choice I would say.
Those patches (224 in number) have now been sewn into four-patches and trimmed to the be the same size (I aimed for 8 inches, but had to settle for 7 3/4 inches).
I've got enough squares left over to add a rainbow stripe in the border, but am not so sure if I've got enough of the dark blue for this. And as it was the last my dealer had left, I need to do some math before I decide to go this way. So, Im off to pull out my trusted measuring tape.