Sunday, September 17, 2006

Nadel und Faden

We (a couple of friends and I) went to the Nadel und Faden (Needle and Thread) yesterday.
It was too hot inside (oxygen is not just a good idea, really) and it was to full, but I still had a plast.
And a pretty good haul, too.
- six x-stitch pattern (one more is going to be send to me)
- four hanks of Needle Neccassity cotton thread
- one ball of Noro Kyoro, some Lana yarn
- a bag of beads
- a small band of linen for a bookmark
- a small band in blue for some bead work

I stayed within me budget and am quite happy with my loot

Back to knitting socks (did I mention that I got a package on Friday with Opal sock wool Hundertwasser edition? I'm going to try that across knitting of socks next *grin*)

Loved this week's Atlantis (Phantoms). The episode could have been a fanfic - though, I guess, I would notched up the danger for McKay ;)
No really good quotes though, so I have a quote from the last week, McKay and Mrs. Miller. and, yes, two McKays are better than one:

Sheppard: Well, I’ve got to admit, between you and me, you’re a lot different than our Rodney too.
Rod: How so?
Sheppard: It’s the little things. You like golf, you say “please” and “thank you,” you’re--what’s the opposite of “condescending”?

Sunday, September 03, 2006

Stitching Mojo

Can somebody loose his or her Stitching Mojo?

I think I misplaced mine somewhere.
- For the last three weeks I've been visiting my LYS four times, every time I've bought yarn to knit (okay, one time I also bought some pearl thread, but I haven't touched it since then)
- I've finished three pairs of socks in those three weeks.
- I'm working on pair number four (with the excuse that they are for a friend, so they don't really count)
- I've ordered online enough yarn for four more pair of socks
- While I was swimming this morning I was thinking about the different ways I could use some sock wool I have in my stash for some Fair Isle socks
- I've cast on not one, but two shawls.
- I unreaveled one of those shawls after I've knitted 6 inches and I decided that a dropped stitched pattern is not the way to go. I've done about 12 inches on the same wool with a feather and wave pattern.
- I've tried to stitch this afternoon on the Northern Lights Sampler and even though I got a little bit of progres, I was still thinking that knitting would be so much faster and I would see more for th TV program.

I know it's just a phase and after a few weeks I'll be sick and tired of knitting for a good year at least, but until then, I'm afraid I'm lost to the stitching world ...

Here's a pic on the first sock for my friends.

The wool is Lana Grossa Mega Boots Stretch, the pattern is the Yukon Leaves Patterns