Sunday, May 31, 2009


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Guild and Trade

Last weekend we went to the Zunft- und Handwerkersmarkt in Seligenstadt (guild and trade market).
It was a fantastic showcase for old (as in traditional) arts, like millering, black smithing, spinning, carpeting ... (basically all the stuff that was already known in the middle ages and required a profession to do)

The place for the event was the (now defunct) abby in Seligenstadt. The weather was fantastic and the setting fitted perfectly the event.

There also was some needle crafts, like making bobbin lace.

There was also a very lovely lady, who did a lot of explaining, and if I had time I think I would be tempted to try a hand in it myself.

There was also some entertainment, like this group here, which did a very funny little play.

And there were also some acrobats, like this lady on the trapeze.

It was a very lovely day.

Playing With Dolls

I admit, I'm probably too old to play with dolls anymore - though something like that never did stop me before, so why should I start now?
What I did start with is with MAKING dolls - or rather A doll (singular)
His name is Wictor (yes, with a 'W') and he's based on the character of Pavel Chekov in the new Star Trek movie. There's this scene in the movie where he's trying to enter his pass code, but instead of saying 'Victor, Victor' he ends up saying (with his cute Russian accent) 'Wictor, Wictor'

He's actually more of a test balloon, because I plan on making a Spock, a Kirk and a McCoy doll eventually, though I think not with the above pattern (which actually is based on the Kuschelschaf)

Saturday, May 23, 2009


Last Thursday was a public holiday here in Germany. I did work on that day, though, and swapped it out for Friday. I then used the opportunity to take my time to drive home (usually, it's a 4 1/2 hours drive) and made a stop in Erfurt, which is pretty much on the way.

The first three pics are still from Dresden, though.

The Frauenkirche (The Lady's church), probably one of the most famous churches in Germany. It had been destroyed during the bombing of Dresden in 1944/45 and only been rebuilt a couple of years ago.

This is the F├╝rstenzug (or, rather, the beginning of it), a larger than life panorama made up of 25.000 tiles and depicts the parade of 35 lords, princes and kings of Saxony, plus 59 followers. It's about 100 years old and is on the side of the castle's stable. Of the people depicted in in I particularly like Friedrich der Gebissene - Friedrich the bitten one.

Another famous place in Dresden is the Zwinger, which looks like a castle, but is rather a museum (or several museums)
If you should have a Second Life account, you can go to the Old Master's Gallery anytime you like. It's is in fact the first museum in the world that has been completely replicated in the virtual world.

In Erfurt I went to see the Dom.

The Dom was founded about 1250 years ago, though it has changed its look several times over the centuries.

The altar was built originally in the 14th century. A bit on the kitch side of things, but still quite impressive.

Sunday, May 17, 2009


I took this series a couple of weeks back when the opening of the orchid coincided with me being at home for once.
Pretty cool, eyh?

I've started a short sleeved jacket for myself based on an already existing jacket I saw at a friend's place. Nothing too exciting, really, mostly lots and lots of stockinett knitting. There's making progress (the back and one of the fronts is done), but nothing I've bothered to take pictures of yet.

After the trek dinner yesterday where I brought the Kuschelschaf from last week along and throwing around some ideas sparked by the new Star Trek movie, I'm now working on a star trekified version of the sheep, based on the character of Chekov. I've got the body knitted up and now fighting with the sweater. I've got it almost licked, but am not really satisfied how the back is shaping up, so I guess there will be a second one eventually. I'm running out of stuffing - note to myself: get more.

Sunday, May 10, 2009


It's all Birgit's fault. She was the one who gave me the yarn.

When I looked up on Revelry what to do with the super fluffy yarn, I came across the pattern for this: das Kuschelschaf (translated: The cuddle sheep)

Here it is pre-assembly: (is that just me, or does that look like somebody has killed the poor sheep and is now waiting for the crime scene people to find out who did it?)

I did run out of the lighter blue yarn after I made one of the ears, so I decided to rib up the diagonal scarf, which I didn't like anyway, even though it was very soft and warm, and recycle the darker blue yarn for the ears and the tail of the sheep.

And here he is in all his glory:

Saturday, May 09, 2009

That Stupid Grin

I did go and saw the Star Trek movie last night and still have difficulties to get that stupid grin off my face. I have to admit, I was a bit skeptic about the movie - it's been a long time since anything Star Trek really was any good - but, boy, that movie did deliver. First of all, the chemistry between the actors was great. There were many, many nods to the good old times, enough to made me laugh out several times. The actions was good, too, and the special effects a thing of beauty. And the story didn't suck either. All in all, a very happy old Star Trek fan here.

Well, I've been busy as well.

This top was done within ten days. I used some yarn from an old project which I had not liked how it came out. I could - with about 30cm to spare - have made do with the yarn I had, if I had foregone the little armlets, but as I really like them I'm happy had I made the trip to my favorite yarn store and got another skein of the yarn.

The pattern is a variation of something I saw in a German magazine, but really, all I took was the basic stitch pattern and made up the rest pretty much on the go.
This time I'm happy with the outcome, so I don't think I'm going to rip that up again.

Another thing I finished is a summer scarf I've started last summer in June and was sitting around doing nothing for the longest time.

Pattern is the Lace Ribbon Scarf from the Summer 2008 issue of Knitty. The yarn is some mysterious yarn from Japan (Gokuhoso by Wister) and I knitted it with 3mm needles. I tried to block it, but the yarn just springs back to curling inward, so I guess it's some sort of acrylic. It's soft enough, though, and I really liked how it came out.

Finally, I have two new starts. One is almost done already, so I'll make a post about it when I done. The other is a pair of Monkey socks. It is, by far, the most popular sock pattern on Ravelry and I finally decided to give it a try.

I do like it so far and the only down is that within 3cm of knitting, I managed to break one of my brand new KnitPro wooden needles. Luckily the set came with six (instead of the usual 5) needles, so I could go on without hunting down another needle. But still, it is annoying. I don't even knit that tight, really.

Live long and prosper

Sunday, May 03, 2009

Movie Month May

May looks to be good - at least on the movie front and compared to the last four months of the year. I've been to the theater twice since the beginning of the year; once for 'Twilight' (which I, I admit, watched twice) and then for 'Monsters vs. Aliens' (which was cute enough, but didn't blow me away like 'The Incredibles' or some other animation movies I love to pieces)

But May, May looks good.

1) X-Men Origins: Wolverine
I've seen all the other X-Men movies and quite liked them with the exception of X-Men 3, which, honestly, sucked. One of my biggest complains about those movies, though, is that my favorite X-Men character is missing in all of them (though I have to admit, if they had underused him like they did i.e. Angel in the last one, it would have been even worse). Now, Gambit's finally there and, wow, he's so cool (still not enough of him, but at least the part is good, and he's gotta kick ass)

It doesn't hurt either that Mr.-Sexiest-Man-Alive aka Huge Jackman is also in the movie quite a bit (*cough, cough*).
I went to see it on Friday and quite enjoyed it and am going to watch it once more with a friend tomorrow night.

2) Star Trek
I've been a Star Trek fan for a long time now. Much less active in the last 15 years or so, but I've did it all: I had the uniform, the toys, the magazines, I did go to conventions and spent nights on movie marathons. I used Star Trek to learn English and most of my friends I've met through the fandom. I've been through the up and downs that come with being a fan of the franchise and for the last couple of years I've thought it to be over with.
But I'm really excited about the new movie. What I've seen so far does look very, very nice and I'm looking forward to seeing it next weekend.
I even would dig out my old uniform, if I though it would still fit *wink*

3) Angels & Demons
I loved the book, but I am a bit apprehensive if Ron Howard is able to give it justice on the big screen. Davinci Code was already a let down, really, and so I will go into that movie with a good dose of scepticism.
Still I'm planning on going.

4) Terminator Salvation
I'll be back!
Who could ever forget Arnie saying those words? It's been 25 years, yes, but this is still one of the most memorable movie quotes there is. I've seen T1 and T2, but skipped out on T3 (I've heard it had been awful ... what is it with those really bad 3rd parts anyway?)
This movie is on my I wouldn't mind watching it, and am willing to fork over the money, but if I should miss out on it, I probably won't be heart broken. Christian Bale is an awesome actor, but I'm a bit afraid the movie will end up to be a little bit too gritty for my taste.

5) Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian
The first part of that movie was something that I happened to watch on a plane flight from A to B. Nothing I would have really considered to watch if I had anything else to do, but if you're stuck for hours and hours inside of a big flying tin can, one does get desperate. Surprisingly enough, I liked it, and when it was on TV over Easter I watched it a second time and again, I really enjoyed it.
Hence my willingness to go and see the second part in the theater.

So, in summary, two movies I HAVE TO WATCH, and three I'm more than willing to spend money on, which is way more than what was available over the last four months (or longer)

And, in June there's one more I'm really, really, reallllllllllly looking forward to, and that is Transformers 2. The trailer alone is made of win and it will be so awesome. I've already made a movie date to see it in Reykjavik.