Sunday, May 17, 2009


I took this series a couple of weeks back when the opening of the orchid coincided with me being at home for once.
Pretty cool, eyh?

I've started a short sleeved jacket for myself based on an already existing jacket I saw at a friend's place. Nothing too exciting, really, mostly lots and lots of stockinett knitting. There's making progress (the back and one of the fronts is done), but nothing I've bothered to take pictures of yet.

After the trek dinner yesterday where I brought the Kuschelschaf from last week along and throwing around some ideas sparked by the new Star Trek movie, I'm now working on a star trekified version of the sheep, based on the character of Chekov. I've got the body knitted up and now fighting with the sweater. I've got it almost licked, but am not really satisfied how the back is shaping up, so I guess there will be a second one eventually. I'm running out of stuffing - note to myself: get more.

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