Sunday, February 12, 2017

Feathers On My Brain

I few weeks ago while I was swimming in the hotel pool, I had an idea. Still wet and dripping I went to the reception and asked for some paper so I could sketch out the idea while it was still fresh on my mind.
Thing is, I've been collecting my selvedges (and also bought a bag full, or two) with the vague idea that I would like something made from it. A feather something, maybe.
My hotel pool idea was to make a couple and then set them at a thirty degree angle for a smallish quilt (150 ~ 160 cm x 130 ~ 140cm in size)
I started making feathers.
 They turned out bigger than I though they would (about 18 x 44cm each). They actually come together pretty quickly and I have 19 finished already.
After making a couple of them, I thought again about layout.
First option is straight. I would need about 28 feathers for this one (180cm x 140cm)
 Second option is my original idea. For a smallish quilt 20 feathers would be enough for a smallish quilt of 165cm x 140cm. The bigger version would take 30 feathers, but I think it would be too big.
 Option three is at a 45 degree angle. 25 feathers for a 160 cm by 150 cm quilt.
Of course, the size could be easily increased by adding a border.
Each of those layouts have something speaking for them. What do you think?

Finally, I have a quick finish to show. It's another of the little front pocket bags. I think they are super cute and come together rather quickly. This is number three already and will go to a friend.