Sunday, April 22, 2018

On Point

I'm still working on the Triangle quilt.
So far I've sewn all the tringles into rows and am now in the process to put all the rows together. It tricky and slowly going as getting all the points to match is not easy.
I'm trying to be not overly obsessed, but still try my best.
So far so good.
I made a smallish table runner from the left-overs of another quilt in progress (the flames quilt)
I do love the colors, I have to say.
This year I'm trying again to grow my own tomatoes. The seeds have started to grow into little plants, which I put today in individual pots. Looking forward to see how they will turn out.
I also have some oregano and basil.

Sunday, April 08, 2018

Triangle Quilt - The Layout

I've joint the Bernina Trinagle Quilt last October. Over time, I managed to sew all the triangle blocks from my 'Blueberry Park' Layer Cake, with having exactly one single 10x10 inch square left over (that was with some very careful cutting and using the scraps as much as possible)
So now it's time to put the top together.
 I pulled out the pieces I've had made, cut the background and accent triangles and went to my design wall. Only to realize, that the wall (which is 1 square meter) is waaaaaaaay too small to work.
I need 19 rows. I managed 7.
The tip in the QAL is to us a plain bed spread and pin the triangles to it. Which is what I did (bringing me close to the limit of my pins - luckily I remembered I had still some old pins squirreled away).
The dark blue triangles are all background and there will be more of it on the sides once I sewn the rows together.
I aimed for a green to blue transition from right to left (top to bottom eventually) as some of the colors are quite harsh next to each other. At the moment I'm happy with the result, but I may switch a few more patches around before I eventually start sewing.
I also had some doubts about my choice for the accent triangles (a salmony medium red), but right now, I'm really happy with them.