Sunday, October 07, 2018


I've been working on this afghan for quite a while. It was abandoned for more than a year, when I picked it up again last month.
Basically, it's brown, blue and off white yarn left over from all kind of projects in more or less similar weight. I crocheted a simple ripples pattern, picking the colors pretty much random, except that I tended to go light-dark-light-dark, just to show of the ripple pattern nicely.
I didn't run out of yarn so much as deciding that I'm done (though I did manage to plow through quite a bit of my stash yarn and the selection got a bit thin in the end)
The size is 155 x 170 cm, which I think is a pretty decent size.
I still need to give it a wash (which, considering how many different yarns are in there, will be by hand in the tub - oh joy)

Sunday, September 30, 2018

Bracelets and Giraffes

I'm pretty sure that the fave for bead wrap bracelets is long gone, but that didn't stop me from making one. And then another one. And then a third.
If I hadn't run out of leather cord, I would have kept going .... (I've still got plenty of beads)

It's been a while already when I made this little, adorable giraffe. I used air hardening modeling clay, which I worked around a glas tea light holder (so the plant doesn't get in direct contact with the clay)
It's a b-day present for my sister, who loves giraffes. Hope she likes it.

Sunday, September 23, 2018

Dany Bag

Every woman needs more handbags.
Rigth? (well, I'm actually most of the time an easy going backpack person, but sometimes I do get urges ... you know)
This is Dany. I've bought the pattern a while back already, but only now got around to the sewing.
As you can see, I've used jeans (once again). I also used parts of an handwoven African blanket, which I had just gotten from my mom. As I have little use from blankets myself (looking over to the ton of quilts and knitted and crochets blankets I've made myself), I thought of another use for it.
The bag itself has a lot of great details.

I particulary like the way the shoulder strap (which is made from rope) is connected with the closure of one of the outside pockets.
Speaking of pockets. This bag has plenty. Two at the side, two (invisible ones) behind the front panel and one in the back. For the lining of those outside pockets I used the coolest marvel fabric with Thor and Daredevil and Captain America and Ironman and Black Widow and ...
Sadely, I didn't have enough of this fabric for the inside, but luckily I had a pretty cool alternative in this comic themed fabric, which I picked up in this little store in I-can't-remember town and of which I should have bought more of, because, dang it, I love it.
Ah, the inside also has a double pocket.
All in all, very happy with the bag. It was fiddly in parts and my sewing machine had to work though some really thick patches, but I do love the finished bag.
I'm even thinking about a second one (you know, I have this one fabric, that would look really great ...)

Sunday, September 16, 2018

More Jeans

The Jeans saga continues.
From the left overs of the picknick blanket (I had more than a hundred rectangles, but needed only about 91) I cut 3 x 6 1/2 inches stripes and made a shopping tote.
As just plain jeans got a bit boring, I hand stitched a star filled with flowers on each side. The stitching thread is all from an old box of thread I inherited some years back.
I also used two of the jeans back pockets for inside pockets, but sewed them in in such a way, that I actually got four pockets out of it.
For the linning I used an old pillow sheet I had left from when I used the duvet cover for the backing of a quilt.

From the jeans saga, two more projects sprung forth *grin*
Potholders, yeah! (One can never have enough potholders, right)
The first pair are made from the cut off lower edges of the jeans (and are also bound using those edges)
The second pair are from smaller pieces which I cut into hexagons and sewed together (first time sewing Y-seams on the machine. It went surprisingly well (though not neccessary perfect))
Finally, a none jeans related teaser (though, do not fear, there is more jeans stuff in the works - you'd be surprised on how much fabric 11 pair of jeans yield). 
More on this next week.

Sunday, September 09, 2018

11 Jeans

Last weekend I had cut up 11 pairs of jeans (as mentioned). Most of the material went into a picknick blanket.
I cut the fabric up into 9 1/2 x 6 1/2 inch large patches then laid them out in a hopefully pleasing pattern. As I had about the same amount of blue fabric to white/gray fabric, I thought this pattern looked quite nice.
The blanket sewed up quickly and came out at a pretty good size of 155cm x 195cm.
I decided not to add any batting, but just to sew it against an old duvet cover. As I wanted the blanket to be as light and lofty as possible, I also decided not to quilt it, but simply tie bind it in the center of each block. 
It was the first time I used that technique, but I'm pleased to say that it went really quickly and I do love the feel of the finished blanket..
This was one of the fastest projects ever (especially for something this size) and I couldn't be any happier on the outcome.

Sunday, September 02, 2018

Rugs, Shawls and Pies

Over time, I accumulated quite a few pairs of old jeans, which were, for one reason or another, deemed not wearable anymore. Yesterday I cut up 11 pairs and started sewing. The biggest project, a large picknick blanket is not done yet, but I finished one project from the second cut (first cut was 6 1/2 inch wide stripes, and from the rest, if doable, I did cut 2.1/2 inch stripes. I also have a third cut, but more on that on another day)
I tooks those 2 1/2 inch stripes and simply wove them, then zigzaged them onto an old towel and got myself a new little rug (70 x 45cm) for my bedroom.
 I found a nice blue starry fabric for the binding (which I also zigzagged).
Last week, I also finished a crochet project. I got the yarn (a cotton/poly mix) at the Schwabsburger Wollfest last year, but never could quite decide what to make of it. I had started knitting something, but it didn't click. Then I switched over to crochet and voilá, a shawl was born. Bright and colorful and I love it (the pattern is called 'Dragon Belly', and it was super easy and quick to make)
And, just for fun, an apricot pie. Yummy!

Monday, August 13, 2018

More Red

My tomato harvest so far is pretty good (at least compared to last year) and I decided to conserve some of it. I admit though that I added some market bought tomatoes to the mix, just so I can have enough (and then I ended up buying more than I actually needed for one recipe, so I had to try something else)
The main batch is a oven baked tomato sauce, perfect for pizza, or to add to meat sauce for pasta, or rice. I did a batch last year and it lasted only until March or so, so I knew I had to make that one again. The tomatoes bake in the oven together with onions, garlic, rosemarie, thyme, honey and olive oil for 45 minutes before processing and pouring it in sterilized glasses.
The second sauce is actually a tomato chili chutney (with my own chilies *yeah*) which cooks for over two hours and came out plainly effing delicious (it the slightly darker sauce in three of the front glasses). Starting out with about the same amount of tomates as the first sauce in the end it's only half of it.
Last month I showed the Star Wars bag I've made for my head phones. Now I show the new one for the head phones as I decided that the SW bag is just a little bit too small. I simply tweeked the pattern a little bit and made a slightly larger bag, but the principle is still the same.
Preparing the fabric took longer that sewing the bag itself, but well worth it.
That is, I believe the sixth bag I made following the pattern.

Sunday, July 22, 2018


Mid March I planted some tomatoes for my balcony.
They started pretty small (you may remember).
 After four months, they are not that small anymore.
 One kind is stripey, which is really cute.
Tonight, I'm going to feast on tomatoes!

I also have a hibiscus plant on my balcony. The flowers look pretty cool, me thinks.
 Especially, when I pull out my marco lens.
Pretty, cool, indead.
Another cool picture from back in March, when I looked out of the window and saw this amazing sun rise (camera says it was at 8:10 AM).

Sunday, July 08, 2018


There are some pattern that work, and some ... not so much.
On the working front, I've made another two of those cute little bags (I blogged about them before in Jan and Feb 2017)
They are relatively quick to make (the decision on which fabric combination to use is almost the longest part). There are quite useful for all kind of things (the Star Wars one is going to hold my headphones from now on - the fabric was a gift for my birthday and I knew I wanted to make something quickly. And I needed something to hold the headphones).
Finally they are also great gifts (the one below is heading in that direction).
A pattern in the 'not-so-well' working section is the raglan t-shirt below. There is nothing really wrong with the patten itself. It's just that my body doesn't seem to work well with raglan. There is always this really unflattering bunshing of fabric under my arm pit. Ugh.
It took me two shirts to come to that conclusion (I thought the first one didn't work because I didn't use lace fabric for the arms section, but seems this is not the problem - though the first one has the additional problem that the top of the arms stand off kind of like I'm wearing huge shoulder pats)
I'll put it down to Learning Experiance.
Also, because this was the first time I used my new overlock machine (and in hindsight, using a lace/jercey combo for the first project was probably also not the best of ideas). There were some problems with that too, so ... as I said live and learn.

Sunday, June 24, 2018

Three T-Shirts

I'm currently sewing T-Shirt as if I didn't have any already. In the last week or so, I made three.
Number 1 is my true and trusted, home-made pattern I used on the flower shirt last time. Only change is that I made it with a V-neck this time around.
 Number 2 is a new pattern I've bought. It's called Laura and normally uses lace fabric for the arms (which was, I think, what initially attracted me to the pattern). To test the pattern and the fit, I used something jersey in blue (I know the picture looks more gray than blue, but the second pic shows the fabric color more true).
Overall I'm happy with the pattern and the fit. I would add a few cm in length the next time, but that's mostly because I like my shirts a little longer to begin with.
Finally, number 3, fresh of the neddles (so to speak). Back to the first pattern, but with an added pocket and cuffs made from quilting cotton. The color is more petrol than on the picture, though. Petrol is really a hard color to take pictures of.
I'm super happy with my new wardrobe, so far.

Sunday, June 10, 2018


Sorry for the long absence. In light of the new EU-DSGVO law, I've been thinking about stopping running this blog. I've seen that some blogs moved to invite only. Maybe I'll move in that direction.
It's not that I run any adds, or sell anything. I just don't know yet.
Anyway, despite the hot weather, I spent some time at the sewing machine, making some wearable stuff (the thought of working on the quilt is currently not an option - just the thought of all that fabric on my lap while I do the quilting ...)
First of, a second go on Marisol (by Lillesol Women). The first one I made in October was okay, but I wanted to have a second go. This one, I like a lot more (even if the fabric is a bit on the stiff side). I had no problems and the fit is great.
 The fold in the back is a nice detail and gives a little bit more room.
 Second is a t-shirt I made from some fabric a collegue of mine gifted to me. I added some white to the neckline and the arms, which, I think, is just perfect.
I took the pattern off a store-bought t-shirt I liked the fit off, but added about 4 cm at the hip. The advantage of sewing your own clothing.
I really like how it turned out - especially as it basically cost me practically nothing.

Monday, May 21, 2018

Double Stars - A Finished Quilt

As a quilting warm up - and because the top has been finished for weeks now - I decided to finish the Double Star Quilt. The blocks had being finished over a year ago, but for some reason I didn't sew them together into a quilt top until maybe six weeks ago.
I have no idea why I waited so long, because, I do love the finished quilt. It is bright and colorful, and I adore the secondary pattern that emerged after the top was put together.
I made the sandwich on my dining room table, using my tried and tested clamp everything to the table method (which mean you can work standing up, which is really, really a good thing)
The quilting itself is free motion swirls and waves pattern all over with grey thread. It's quick and fairly easy, once you get the groove going (it took my maybe three hours all together)
Do you see the secondary patterns? The diamond and the secondary star?
I'm telling you, I'm loving it.
The quilt ended at 150cm x 180cm (60" x 72") and the binding was done with a plain Kona Cotton in 'Ash' (I think)
My mom saw it, she liked it and she is going to get it (once it's been washed)

Friday, May 04, 2018

Flame - A Finished Quilttop

Sometimes you have to play with colors. And there's no better way to play with colors than a nice rainbow quilt. Which is where the book 'Modern Rainbow' by Rebecca Bryan comes in (no affiliation, I just like the book)
There are quilte a few really nice quilts in the book, but the one that jumped at me and INSISTED to be made (NOW, if you please!) is called Flame.
I love so much about this quilt (top so far). One, of course, is the color. Rainbow-y, but not smack in the face color-overdose (the one in the book is a lot less saturated, which is also nice, but not really what I wanted). Then, the way the colors are all work so nicely with the light grey. Also, I love that I've got to use one of my precious jelly rolls (it's all 2 1/2 inch stripes). There are also additional colors from my stash. So, it's sort of kind of scrappy, but very organized about it.
Size is about 177 x 172 cm (69 1/2 x 68 inches), which is a really good size.
The only tiny complaint if you will, there is (in my opinion) an error in the pattern. If you cut the longest part of a flame at 6 1/2 inches, it will never be enough. I usually did cut at 7 1/2 inches, and had very little in terms of trimming available.
With two quilt tops finished and another one fairly close to being finished, I guess I'm going to have to do some actual quilting in the near future.

Sunday, April 22, 2018

On Point

I'm still working on the Triangle quilt.
So far I've sewn all the tringles into rows and am now in the process to put all the rows together. It tricky and slowly going as getting all the points to match is not easy.
I'm trying to be not overly obsessed, but still try my best.
So far so good.
I made a smallish table runner from the left-overs of another quilt in progress (the flames quilt)
I do love the colors, I have to say.
This year I'm trying again to grow my own tomatoes. The seeds have started to grow into little plants, which I put today in individual pots. Looking forward to see how they will turn out.
I also have some oregano and basil.