Friday, April 19, 2019

(Don't) Stop Me Now

.... I'm having a good time.
Or an obsession.
Here are:
Baker's Twine Potholder Nummero 2
 Baker's Twine Potholder Nummero 3
 Aaaaand Baker's Twine Potholder Nummero 4
Nope, not a problem. No way. Not at all.

Friday, March 29, 2019

Baker's Twine

Two weeks ago a friend of mine mentioned a new potholder pattern, which is quite popular right not. I checked it out, liked it, bought the pattern and got knitting.
The pattern itself is not difficult and the potholders knit up very quickly. I used less stitches than the pattern suggested, because they started out huge, and I like this size better (they are 20 x 20cm)
Knitting them is a bit hard on the fingers, as the knitting is rather tight, but the result is well worth the effort.
The potholders are nice a thick and the hangers are the 'dot on the letter i' to make them perfect.

I may have started with the next pair already ....

Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Wonky Flower Baby Quilt

Sorry for being off for so long. Other stuff got in the way (nothing serious, just playing too much computer games)
Anyway, I finished the Wonky Flower Baby Quilt. And I love it!
The quilt is 100 x 110cm (40" x 44") and has wonky flowers in four different sizes (12", 10", 8", and 6")
For the backside I went through my stash and picked 12 semi solids for all colors of the rainbow. Each stripe is a little less than 4" tall.
I went for simply shadow quilting the flowers on the front (which ment to turn the quilt 24 times for each single flower!)
One of the most difficult decisions was what color to use for the binding, but in the end there was only one possible choice.
The baby in question is not here yet, so it will still need a label.
Very, very happy with the finished quilt. I hope the baby parents will love it too.

Sunday, February 10, 2019

Wonky Flowers – A Tutorial

A couple of days ago, I came across a new trick that solved a problem I had with sewing Wonky Flowers. The problem was that I never managed to align the background very good, which leads to a lot of waste in fabric (as I used way more background fabric than needed). The trick also helps with keeping the stripes I've sewn before aligned, not necessary very important in ‘wonky’ flowers, but nice nonetheless.
For a 6 ½ inch block (6 inch final) I need:
-          7 x 7 inches background (green)
-          8   1 ½ x 3 inches background (green)
-          3   1 ½ x 6 ½ inches foreground (purple)
-          2   1 ½ x 3 inches foreground (purple)
-          1   1 ½ x 1 ½ inches flower center (yellow)
I assemble the foreground fabric to four stripes with background on either end, and one with the flower center in the middle: 
 Next I take one of the stripes without the flower center (that one is the last stripe to sew) and lay it right side to the right side of the background and pin it. The positioning is a little tilted and off-center (I found the best way to center it is to put it where you want it and then mark a line ½ inch to the center of fabric, away from one of the edges)
Sew along the edge and then fold over and press. 
Now comes the trick. Fold the open side over by ¼ inch (sew allowance) and press. Then dap a little bit of fabric glue on the folded over bit and fold to the other side (I just push it down with my fingers, don’t iron it) 
Turn the whole fabric over and – carefully! – cut through the background fabric, between it and the stripe. Fold the now open bit over and sew along the crease when you ironed the sew allowance over. 
Now you have a stripe perfectly aligned with the background.
You can cut back the extra background fabric away from the second seam (but don’t need to – I just think it looks nicer)

Repeat this with the other stripes. As the background is not moved while you sew on the stripes, it stays nice and square.
Once all stripes are sewn on, all that remains is to square the block to size.
Feel free to play around with the length and/or thickness of the stripes. The measurements I gave are something that works for me and my project. Your mileage may vary. They are called Wonky Flowers for a reason, and a bit of variation is always nice.

Sunday, January 27, 2019

Triangle Quilt-A-Long

Last year Bernina (the sewing machine company) hosted a Quilt-A-Long for a Triangle Quilt. As a Quilt with triangles was on my quilting bucket list and as I had a nice layer cake that should be enough for the required triangles, I decided to go along.
Once every couple of weeks a pattern for a new set of triangles was posted on the Bernina blog and I sewed happily along with hundreds of other women (and men, I presume), making different triangles in different techniques. It was fun, really. A noticed fairly soon, that my thinking that I could swap out yardage with a layer cake was a bit on the optimistic side, but I still managed to finish all triangles with the fabric I had (there was some creative fudging required, but in the end it was just enough)
I finished the rows a couple of months ago, but then the whole thing sat in its box.
After x-mas I pulled those rows out and finally finished the top. Not all points are perfectly aligned, but nothing to obviously is standing out, so I'm content.
The top is huge (216 x 202 cm - 85 x 80 inches), and finding a place in my appartment to take pictures of wasn't so easy (and, I just can't get the complete top to show - I promise the right hand side is nothing too exciting, really).
I'm looking forward to quilting it, though handling this much fabric will be a chore. I hope to get to it before summer, as I already have a receptient in mind.