Sunday, July 23, 2017

Zippered Pouch

It's summer, so it's too hot to sew (besides, I've been away for two weeks, which doesn't help)
All I made lately is a pouch following Noodlehead's pattern for the 'Canvas Pencil Pouch'
Quick, nice and easy to make. Just the way I like it.
I used some of my cork fabric for the exterior and really like it in combination with the gold accented fabric.
The pouch is currently holding the prepared pieces for my EPP project.
Nineteen stars are finished. I guess it will take some more time.

Friday, July 07, 2017

New Kitchen

After taking everything out of my old kitchen and see it go to the trash heap, I got the new kitchen installed last week.
It is not a very big kitchen, as my appartment is not that big to begin with, but it has quite a few really nice new appliances, so definitely an upgrade.
One of those new appliances is an induction stovetop. As my old pans don't work with the new stove (luckily, the pots were pretty much all okay), I needed new ones. And as I didn't want to get any scratches on those new pans, I made some quick protectors.
The colors are rather drape, I admit, but as those are pans, and won't stay perfectly clean for the rest of their life (if my old pans are anything to got with) I thought it a good idea to pull out some brown/gray/black fabric bundle I bought years ago (though I have no idea what I wanted them for originally)

A little bit more colorful is that pin cushion, which was made from left overs from the placesets I make for my parents.
One of those little HSTs comes to 1/2". They are really tiny.
I think it turned out super cute and so did my friend who got it from me as a little present.