Sunday, January 27, 2019

Triangle Quilt-A-Long

Last year Bernina (the sewing machine company) hosted a Quilt-A-Long for a Triangle Quilt. As a Quilt with triangles was on my quilting bucket list and as I had a nice layer cake that should be enough for the required triangles, I decided to go along.
Once every couple of weeks a pattern for a new set of triangles was posted on the Bernina blog and I sewed happily along with hundreds of other women (and men, I presume), making different triangles in different techniques. It was fun, really. A noticed fairly soon, that my thinking that I could swap out yardage with a layer cake was a bit on the optimistic side, but I still managed to finish all triangles with the fabric I had (there was some creative fudging required, but in the end it was just enough)
I finished the rows a couple of months ago, but then the whole thing sat in its box.
After x-mas I pulled those rows out and finally finished the top. Not all points are perfectly aligned, but nothing to obviously is standing out, so I'm content.
The top is huge (216 x 202 cm - 85 x 80 inches), and finding a place in my appartment to take pictures of wasn't so easy (and, I just can't get the complete top to show - I promise the right hand side is nothing too exciting, really).
I'm looking forward to quilting it, though handling this much fabric will be a chore. I hope to get to it before summer, as I already have a receptient in mind.