Sunday, July 22, 2018


Mid March I planted some tomatoes for my balcony.
They started pretty small (you may remember).
 After four months, they are not that small anymore.
 One kind is stripey, which is really cute.
Tonight, I'm going to feast on tomatoes!

I also have a hibiscus plant on my balcony. The flowers look pretty cool, me thinks.
 Especially, when I pull out my marco lens.
Pretty, cool, indead.
Another cool picture from back in March, when I looked out of the window and saw this amazing sun rise (camera says it was at 8:10 AM).

Sunday, July 08, 2018


There are some pattern that work, and some ... not so much.
On the working front, I've made another two of those cute little bags (I blogged about them before in Jan and Feb 2017)
They are relatively quick to make (the decision on which fabric combination to use is almost the longest part). There are quite useful for all kind of things (the Star Wars one is going to hold my headphones from now on - the fabric was a gift for my birthday and I knew I wanted to make something quickly. And I needed something to hold the headphones).
Finally they are also great gifts (the one below is heading in that direction).
A pattern in the 'not-so-well' working section is the raglan t-shirt below. There is nothing really wrong with the patten itself. It's just that my body doesn't seem to work well with raglan. There is always this really unflattering bunshing of fabric under my arm pit. Ugh.
It took me two shirts to come to that conclusion (I thought the first one didn't work because I didn't use lace fabric for the arms section, but seems this is not the problem - though the first one has the additional problem that the top of the arms stand off kind of like I'm wearing huge shoulder pats)
I'll put it down to Learning Experiance.
Also, because this was the first time I used my new overlock machine (and in hindsight, using a lace/jercey combo for the first project was probably also not the best of ideas). There were some problems with that too, so ... as I said live and learn.