Sunday, July 27, 2008

Flower Power

First of, sorry for the spelling mistake last week. It's 'meerkat' not 'meercat'. Those guys are no cats after all ... and are also not related to the 'Meerkatzen', which are really guenons, which are monkeys and thus no cats either. They're only called that way in German.

It's hot and working on the computer for long is no fun, so another easy out. More pictures. This time flowers. Just pretty flowers. Nothing special, really.

I'm making progress on the Japanese bag. I think I've got it now, though it's getting boring, so I'm taking a break and went back to the Aran Afghan. I'm halfway through the next square.

I saw Kung Fu Panda last week as well as Mamma Mia!. Both were fun (Panda more so than Mamma Mia!, though it's hard to top a singing Pierce Brosnan ...)

Sunday, July 20, 2008


I'm going to take the lazy way out today. Nothing much to report anyway.
So, just some cute pictures of meercats (from my visit to the zoo last week) - I did mention that I love me camera with the big zoom lens, right?

I love his expression in the last one - 'who're you lookin' at?'

On the doily front, number 4 and, at least for now, the last one. Seriously love it.

I've picked up a crochet hook for a change and am working on a bag kit I've got in Japan (which, in regard of the instruction is interesting, to say the least). I'm pretty sure I've followed it as it should have been, but the bag turned out to be really small and I've got more than half the yarn left, so I did decide to frog is all and start anew with a sort of made up pattern. Then I decided that I'm not happy with that one either, so I've frogged again and am about to start with try number 3 next.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Exploding Flowers

On Friday night in Dresden were some fireworks on the other side of the river. The room in the hotel I was in provided me with front seats, and I remembered that I have this 'fireworks' setting on the little digital camera I always have with me.

Not the best fireworks picture ever, but for something pratically shot out of the hip, not too bad.

Which reminded me, that the week before, at the Ironman start, there were also fireworks.

Daylight fireworks :)

Also, last week, I tried my hands on something new knitting wise: doilys

They are fun to knit (I'm currently working on no. 4) but, considering that I have no ideas what to do with them once they're finished, I'm probably going to stop there in order to work on one of the many other UFOs I have sitting at home.
You might be in luck and next week I'm back to posting Afghan squares .... ;)

Sunday, July 06, 2008

Ironman 2008

Sunday morning 6:45

The start to this year's Frankfurt Ironman (European Championship)
First are the professionals to start, then, 15 minutes later, it's the amateur's time - for all 2000+ of them.

(amateurs wear red bathing caps ....)
Eventually, everybody gets out of the water (after a short swim of 3.8 km)

... changes real quickly, and then gets on the bike.

Looking forward to 180km.

Close to the end (well, of the biking part)

After one has changed again, all there's left to do is run a marathon.

(Chrissie Wellington, winner of the women - she almost made world record as well, but I think she was just so happy she won, she didn't care)

No idea who this guy is, he's cute though ;)

Those two, I have to say, are ironmen squared. The guy on the left is blind. Yep, still he finished the Ironman in a quite impressive time. His partner, running not in the competition, went with him the whole way - swimming, then on a tandem and then, as you can see, tethered together for the race.