Sunday, July 13, 2008

Exploding Flowers

On Friday night in Dresden were some fireworks on the other side of the river. The room in the hotel I was in provided me with front seats, and I remembered that I have this 'fireworks' setting on the little digital camera I always have with me.

Not the best fireworks picture ever, but for something pratically shot out of the hip, not too bad.

Which reminded me, that the week before, at the Ironman start, there were also fireworks.

Daylight fireworks :)

Also, last week, I tried my hands on something new knitting wise: doilys

They are fun to knit (I'm currently working on no. 4) but, considering that I have no ideas what to do with them once they're finished, I'm probably going to stop there in order to work on one of the many other UFOs I have sitting at home.
You might be in luck and next week I'm back to posting Afghan squares .... ;)


stitcherw said...

The fireworks picture turned out really good. I didn't know that some camera's had fireworks settings. Normally all you can get are some dots of light.

The doilys are looking so pretty, they'll be fun to set out around your home.

Anonymous said...

the fireworks pictures looks great.

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