Sunday, July 06, 2008

Ironman 2008

Sunday morning 6:45

The start to this year's Frankfurt Ironman (European Championship)
First are the professionals to start, then, 15 minutes later, it's the amateur's time - for all 2000+ of them.

(amateurs wear red bathing caps ....)
Eventually, everybody gets out of the water (after a short swim of 3.8 km)

... changes real quickly, and then gets on the bike.

Looking forward to 180km.

Close to the end (well, of the biking part)

After one has changed again, all there's left to do is run a marathon.

(Chrissie Wellington, winner of the women - she almost made world record as well, but I think she was just so happy she won, she didn't care)

No idea who this guy is, he's cute though ;)

Those two, I have to say, are ironmen squared. The guy on the left is blind. Yep, still he finished the Ironman in a quite impressive time. His partner, running not in the competition, went with him the whole way - swimming, then on a tandem and then, as you can see, tethered together for the race.


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stitcherw said...

Great pictures, it always amazes me people can do these. I don't think I could do even one of the three parts (or at least not in any decent time I'd want to tell anyone about).