Monday, August 13, 2018

More Red

My tomato harvest so far is pretty good (at least compared to last year) and I decided to conserve some of it. I admit though that I added some market bought tomatoes to the mix, just so I can have enough (and then I ended up buying more than I actually needed for one recipe, so I had to try something else)
The main batch is a oven baked tomato sauce, perfect for pizza, or to add to meat sauce for pasta, or rice. I did a batch last year and it lasted only until March or so, so I knew I had to make that one again. The tomatoes bake in the oven together with onions, garlic, rosemarie, thyme, honey and olive oil for 45 minutes before processing and pouring it in sterilized glasses.
The second sauce is actually a tomato chili chutney (with my own chilies *yeah*) which cooks for over two hours and came out plainly effing delicious (it the slightly darker sauce in three of the front glasses). Starting out with about the same amount of tomates as the first sauce in the end it's only half of it.
Last month I showed the Star Wars bag I've made for my head phones. Now I show the new one for the head phones as I decided that the SW bag is just a little bit too small. I simply tweeked the pattern a little bit and made a slightly larger bag, but the principle is still the same.
Preparing the fabric took longer that sewing the bag itself, but well worth it.
That is, I believe the sixth bag I made following the pattern.