Sunday, October 22, 2017

Variations on a Theme

A while back, in April, I talked about quilty WiPs I have. One is a scrappy quilt from 2" squares.
This was my plan at the time:
Later I reviced my plan to include wonky yellow stars (a pretty crappy photo - sorry about that). I've already made a couple of stars, when I changed my mind once again.
This is the latest and final version. The pattern (if you call it that) is called 'Growing Up Odd' and is using blocks of 9, 21 and 49 pieces of fabric (odd numbers, you get it?). Using some sashing, 17" x 17" large blocks are made.
I've have now 20 of those larger blocks, which leads to a quilt of 94" x 75.5" (235cm x 192cm), which is plenty big. I've used up a total of 1940 pieces of 2" scraps. Not that I counted (no, I simply did the math ...).

Saturday, October 14, 2017

Triangle QAL

A few months ago, Bernina started a quilt-a-long for a triangle quilt.
As a triangle quilt was definitely on my to-do list, I decided to join. The QAL asks for 10fat quarters. I didn't have 10 FQs (well, I do, but not from one line) but what I've had is a lovely layer cake of Robert Kaufman fabric in the line 'Blueberry Park'. I did some math, and decided that it should just be enough to do the quilt (in the mean time I started thinking that it might be too tight, but I'm sure I can improvise - after all, that's what's quilting is all about)
So far, 4 different blocks have been published.
Block 1 is a simple half and half (and I'm thinking I'm missing one - there should be 15 and I'm counting only 14):
 Block 2 was little triangles on top of the triangles:
 Block 3 was triangles with a stripe in the middle:
 Block 4 was stripes (this one was paper pieced)
So far it's been a lot of fun and I#m lookign forward to the next blocks.

Tuesday, October 03, 2017

Marisol and Kvothe

Marisol is a blouse pattern by Lillesol Women. There are a couple of nice details, like this front fold.
 The neckline is easy to make and I always like V-necks anyway.

The fit does need a little bit of optimisation still. I have enough fabric already for two more, so in time that should work out.

Kvothe is a drop stitch shawl on the bias. The pattern (which. btw, is free) is named after one of my favorite book characters, Kvothe, from the 'Kingkiller Chronicles' by Patrick Rothfuss (a book I highly recomment to any fantasy lover - I can't believe, that the third book in the series is currently announced for 2021!)

 Yarn is Wollmeise 100% in the colorway 'Guide to the Galaxy'
 What can I say, I'm a geek at heart.