Sunday, March 31, 2013

Happy Easter 2013

Hard to beleave it's already Easter. The weather certainly hadn't got the memo yet. It snowed on Friday morning!
Well, if the nature doesn't comply, one has to get the spring inside:
I did start a new stitching project. At the moment I'm planing on a chess board layout, using different blackwork pattern in every other square. The fabric is a 36ct antique white linen evenweave I had im my stash. 
The first square is already done:

On my knitting project I finished the first section and am now in the second. 53 rows at 280 stitches. Oh joy!

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Scissor Fob

I bought the kit for this some time ago in Scottland, but somehow only got around stitching it up lately.
Love it! No idea why I left it for so long.

Next project in the works is a wrap inspired by the works of Frank Lloyd Wright, the American architect. I did go to visit his home in Chicago a long time ago, when I visited the USA for the very first time. I loved what he did ever since. The wrap also could have been inspired by Piet Mondrian, the painter, as it's very geometrical.
Those are the colors I've picked for the wrap (all of them Wollmeise Twin)

 Below the color layout of the wrap:

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Three of a Kind

I came across this tutorial for a lunch bag some time ago and always wanted to give it a try. And a try I did give it. Or two. Or three....

Version 1 uses some fabric I picked up at Ikea plus a gray lining and a few red accents. It was from the start a gift for a good friend and moved to its new owner yesterday. I'm sure it will end up with plenty of knitting projects in the future.
Version 2 (aka the Ladybug Lunch Bag) is actually going to be used as a lunch bag by me. The inside is lined with the same plastic fabric I used for the rim, so when I take my lunch to work and something spills it will be easy to wipe down. 
For version 3 (the Scappy Lunch Bag) I used a few scraps I had left from my last couple of projects. I sewed the scraps on some foundation fabric until I had two pieces a little larger than what I needed for the bag. I then cut it down to size and used it for the pattern.
Strangely enough, I have still scraps left (though not that many in blues, now)
This bag is also going to a friend.

Monday, March 11, 2013

And The Winner Is

I know, you all can barely contain your excitement, so, here's the layout for the pillow I decided on:
Sadely, the pillow is about half an inch too big for the inside pillow (inside pillow is 40cm, the pillow itself ended up being 41.5cm), so maybe I'll make another one. I also, possibly would change the beige/brown farbic, as it turns out to be a rather muddy/dirty brown.
Hm, I think I had a car in just that color, once ....

Sunday, March 10, 2013


My friend 'complained' that she only has one pillow when she's visiting me. This was of course something I couldn't let stand, so I had to make a new pillow.
As I have a lot a scraps, I decided to make 36 little squares, with one side a beige farbic, the other side a little scrap of blue. Then I had to decide how to arrange them.
So many possibilities:
So, which one did I pick?
Come on, take a guess.

Saturday, March 02, 2013

The Final (Guitar) Frontier

One of Michael's items on his wishlist this year was a book with notes for his guitar.
I got that, but I also wanted to MAKE something for him. I remembered one of the fabrics I picked up on the Creativ Market in Wiesbaden last year.
There was only one fat quarter left at the stall and Michael let me buy it, even though he was interested in it as well. A fat quarter is not much, but it was enough for the idea I had, and so he's now getting a guitar strap with a very spacy theme.

I bought a ready made guitar strap and dismantled it to get to the hardware. Then I sewed a stripe 5cm wide (2"), one side with the space fabric and the other side with some black with golden dots. Worked very well together. Some interfacing inbetween, a bit of quilting and finished.
I hope he likes it.