Sunday, March 17, 2013

Three of a Kind

I came across this tutorial for a lunch bag some time ago and always wanted to give it a try. And a try I did give it. Or two. Or three....

Version 1 uses some fabric I picked up at Ikea plus a gray lining and a few red accents. It was from the start a gift for a good friend and moved to its new owner yesterday. I'm sure it will end up with plenty of knitting projects in the future.
Version 2 (aka the Ladybug Lunch Bag) is actually going to be used as a lunch bag by me. The inside is lined with the same plastic fabric I used for the rim, so when I take my lunch to work and something spills it will be easy to wipe down. 
For version 3 (the Scappy Lunch Bag) I used a few scraps I had left from my last couple of projects. I sewed the scraps on some foundation fabric until I had two pieces a little larger than what I needed for the bag. I then cut it down to size and used it for the pattern.
Strangely enough, I have still scraps left (though not that many in blues, now)
This bag is also going to a friend.

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Petra said...

The bag was a wonderful gift. Beautiful work, as always.
Thank you! :)