Sunday, February 25, 2007

Sunday at work

Sorry, not pictures today. Not much today of anything, really.
Sadly, I have to work this weekend - I have to finalized the acceptance of the last tool we've installed at a customer side in Dresden, and as this is already overdue for two weeks now, there's a lot of pressur.

On the creative front, I've finished the first of the cable net socks. I also went back to 'Not Forgotten' - finished the phoenix and the rainbow and got most of the gryphens done. I promise it picture next week.

Else, lots of work ....

Saturday, February 17, 2007

Leftover Blues

I always thought that I had a reasonable speed in knitting - that is, a pair of socks a week is normally no problem. This is good for the socks output, this is bad for the need to buy new sock wool (though, I have to admit, I've still got enough sock wool left to keep me busy for many, many weeks, and that never really stopped me from buying more)
Looks like I've found that sock pattern that breaks the pattern - I'm working on them for one week, and am not even at the middle of the foot! The foot, I should point out, of the FIRST sock.

This is the Cable Net pattern from They call is extra-spicy, and boy, they are not kidding. And I cowardly bowed out and did a 'normal' heel, instead of the cabled heel the pattern offers, and still it takes forever.
The wool is Regia silk, which feels like a dream and knitts like a bitch - well, not really, but it's a bit clingy and I forever pull the thread away from my clothing.

On the photo front, I've managed to take finally a picture of the Esther socks on my foot and it's in focus!!

So, that's more like it - the color is like it should be and the pattern is better visible.

Finally, last weekend, I made Leftover Blues Socks - I simply have a lot blue sock wool left over, hence the name.

Hmm, looks like I have a real big foot and a very narrow leg *grin* - when in truth it's rather the other way round ;)

After all that knitting I didn't get around to stitch any. I really need to change that.

Sunday, February 11, 2007


the new socks are not exactly photogenic. I took about 20 pictures - and every single one is out of focus. That is, they are out of focus as long as the socks are on my feet. Off the feet they are fine. Meaning, I guess, that I cannot wear a sock and take a picture of it at the same time.

So, here are the feetless socks. The pattern is Esther from the Socken-Kreative-Liste. More or less. I didn't do the picot edge (I tried, but this one just doesn't work for me) and made a small variation on the heel. But the pattern is true (here the only pic on the foot, that wasn't totally out of focus).

I enjoyed knitting it (even though some tinking was involved ... who do I kid: a lot of tinking was involved :))
Wool, by the way, is Wollmeise Superwash Sockwool in pomegrante. The true color is somewhere between the first and the second picture.
I weighted the left over wool and I've got 80 grams left - should be enough for a second pair. Luckily I have small feet (not very photogenic ones, but one can't have everything)

I didn't do a single cross stitch the whole week :(

I also had a cold last week, so I was a bit handicapped. I seem to be over it by now, but I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

Sunday, February 04, 2007

Wool from the Tit

... and if this doesn't sound strange ;)

Thing is, I've ordered last weekend three skeins of wool from 'Wollmeise' and if you translate that name it's the 'wool tit'

I think I am in love - this is the softes sock wool I've ever got. And the colors are beautiful. I've seen warnings that this wool is addictive and I begin to see why.
From top to bottom it's Granatapfel (pomegranate), Wellensittichvogelfeder (budgerigar bird feather) and Gewitterhimmel (Thunderstorm Sky) all in superwash sock wool.
I've already started on the first sock with the red wool.

What else? Some progress on 'Not Fogotten' - pics maybe next week.
No progress on 'King Tut' - he's a victim of the knitting needle.
I finished the Fetzenmuster socks

I did knit both, I swear. Wool is Hunderwasser 'Seeschlange' from Opal. For the photo I did wear a white sock underneath in the hope that would make the pattern more visible. I have the feeling it didn't work too well. Ah well, at least they fit.
What a difference to the new wool - the Opal is downright scratchy against it.

Started a new book. 'Chocolate Chip Cookie Murder' by Joanne Fluke. That is, I'm almost through with it already. Great fun and I'm sure to check out the others in this series.

Yeah, Germany won the world championship in handball. Contratulation to the boys.