Sunday, March 25, 2007

Did anybody say Spring?

Wednesday was the offical start to spring - this pic was taken on Thurday on my way from Berlin after I've seen the Lord of the Rings exibition (which, by the way, was better then when I saw it in London a couple of years back, simply as there was more room and less people)

Pot holders: the blue one
See, blue pot holder on green pot holder.

Update pic on Not Forgotten:

Sunday, March 18, 2007

Out of the Yellow Light

Well, that's where I am at the moment. Customer's cleanroom. And the light is yellow.

Short background to this. I'm an engineer in the semiconductor industry. Now, in order to create those niffty little computer chips everybody is graving, you need a very clean enviroment. I sit here with a white overall, two pairs of gloves (one over the top of the other), a face mask, a hood and some special pair of shoes (other customer prefer booties, but else, this is about the norm)
No danger of me getting durty - I'm the danger, really.
To get into a clean room, one has to walk through a long corridore with an air shower, just to blow any dirt that's sticking to you, off you.
Air conditioning is running all the time - normally, I don't notice it anymore.
And the light is yellow, because in the section I'm working in, we have photo-sensitive resists. Sort of like a dark room, only there you can work with a red light - here the resist have no problem with the yellow light.

Well, of course, the fact that I'm still working means that another weekend has been lost. Work vice I've made some progress, but I'd have prefered to spend the time with my friends.

Over the week I've was pretty busy with work, so all I managed was the finish the second pot holder in blue. I tried a few things to improve the pattern (like seperate cast on of the two colors) and most of it worked. I'm still not 100% happy on how the edges have turned out, but well, you can't have everything.

Last night, I also picked up 'Not Forgotten' again. And discovered that I have run out of 807 - the sea dragons will miss a bit, until I'm back home. I *think* I have another skein a home.

No pictures for obvious reasons (like having no camera with me)

Sunday, March 11, 2007


Yeah! It's spring *happy, joy*

It was a lovely, sunny day today. So I went and took a couple of pics of the finished pot holder in the sun - and I'm stunned how different it looks from the 'real' color.

That's a pic indoors - pretty close to the real color.

And that's the same pot holder outside in the sun.

Blue? When did that pot holder turn blue?
I swear, this is one and the same piece of fabric.
Funny though, that this looks pretty close to the colors I've picked for the second pot holder I'm going to make - I've already got the wool.

Here's the proof that I really finished the second cable sock - for a while I thought I wouldn't do it.

I've got about 25 grams left - I have to think what to do with it. Not sure yet.
Anyway, I'm off socks for a while - I've knitted to many lately, I've got no idea what to do with them. And I kinda lost my drive to knit them - at least at the moment. I have to see how long this lasts.

At least, this way, King Tut got back on the agenda. He's been terribly neglected the last couple of weeks. Didn't got much done on him today (at least nothing photo worthy) but he's back out of the bag.

I'm due for another working weekend next weekend, so don't expect any pictures for a while. It should be the last one for a while and at least I'll get overtime paid (due to the fact that I still have so much overtime from last year, that there's not chance in heaven or hell to get rid of it in a while - that is unless I'd take a month and a half off)

I plan on treading my somehow when this is over. I have my eye on the Lizard Ridge Blanket. It takes around 21 skeins of Noro Kureyon! I've got one skein which I bought last year at the Nadel and Faden in Osnabrück and used it to knit a test square and I think I'm hooked.

So, I'm off to pack ...

Sunday, March 04, 2007

Knitting From Both Sides

Loads of work last week. I did manage to finish my part of the project, proofing in the process that the change that was done, might not have been such a good idea. Well, one more machine to inspect, and than that's over with.

Enough of the whining.

I finished one of the cable net socks and am about 60% done with the second.

The cable stands out wonderfully, but I didn't manage to get rid fo the 'ladder' that runs down the side of the leg *sigh* - at least I think it's obvious, don't know if others do.
It is still very slow knitting, but I hope to finish the second one some time soon.
The sock itself is wonderfully soft, a pleasure to wear.

Frustrated with the slow progress on the sock, I've started another little project. Pot holders.
Yippy, so exiting.
Of course, they do have a twist.

This is the back and the front side of the pot holder - and both are knitted at the same time, at the same needle. I've seen that technic at some sides on the internet, and I always wanted to try it. Of course, when I went looking the other day, I couldn't find any pattern. So I somehow worked out the 'how' on my own - I'm a bit surprised that it worked.
I plan on crocheting around the side with one color when I'm done.

Finally, the promised update on 'Not Forgotten'.
I finished the rainbow (my version) and stitched the phoenix (incl. backstitch) and the gryphons (without bs)