Sunday, March 11, 2007


Yeah! It's spring *happy, joy*

It was a lovely, sunny day today. So I went and took a couple of pics of the finished pot holder in the sun - and I'm stunned how different it looks from the 'real' color.

That's a pic indoors - pretty close to the real color.

And that's the same pot holder outside in the sun.

Blue? When did that pot holder turn blue?
I swear, this is one and the same piece of fabric.
Funny though, that this looks pretty close to the colors I've picked for the second pot holder I'm going to make - I've already got the wool.

Here's the proof that I really finished the second cable sock - for a while I thought I wouldn't do it.

I've got about 25 grams left - I have to think what to do with it. Not sure yet.
Anyway, I'm off socks for a while - I've knitted to many lately, I've got no idea what to do with them. And I kinda lost my drive to knit them - at least at the moment. I have to see how long this lasts.

At least, this way, King Tut got back on the agenda. He's been terribly neglected the last couple of weeks. Didn't got much done on him today (at least nothing photo worthy) but he's back out of the bag.

I'm due for another working weekend next weekend, so don't expect any pictures for a while. It should be the last one for a while and at least I'll get overtime paid (due to the fact that I still have so much overtime from last year, that there's not chance in heaven or hell to get rid of it in a while - that is unless I'd take a month and a half off)

I plan on treading my somehow when this is over. I have my eye on the Lizard Ridge Blanket. It takes around 21 skeins of Noro Kureyon! I've got one skein which I bought last year at the Nadel and Faden in Osnabrück and used it to knit a test square and I think I'm hooked.

So, I'm off to pack ...

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stitcherw said...

The flowers do look very springy. Everything around me is kind of a brown/grey color from the melting snow and still dead grass. However, hopefully we'll start seeing some green growing things soon.

What a difference in the colors of the potholder, I wouldn't have thought the sun could have changed the color that much. Normally you think of sun as keeping the color more true to the real color. Congrats on finishing the other sock and I'm looking forward to when you post an update on King Tut.