Sunday, March 18, 2007

Out of the Yellow Light

Well, that's where I am at the moment. Customer's cleanroom. And the light is yellow.

Short background to this. I'm an engineer in the semiconductor industry. Now, in order to create those niffty little computer chips everybody is graving, you need a very clean enviroment. I sit here with a white overall, two pairs of gloves (one over the top of the other), a face mask, a hood and some special pair of shoes (other customer prefer booties, but else, this is about the norm)
No danger of me getting durty - I'm the danger, really.
To get into a clean room, one has to walk through a long corridore with an air shower, just to blow any dirt that's sticking to you, off you.
Air conditioning is running all the time - normally, I don't notice it anymore.
And the light is yellow, because in the section I'm working in, we have photo-sensitive resists. Sort of like a dark room, only there you can work with a red light - here the resist have no problem with the yellow light.

Well, of course, the fact that I'm still working means that another weekend has been lost. Work vice I've made some progress, but I'd have prefered to spend the time with my friends.

Over the week I've was pretty busy with work, so all I managed was the finish the second pot holder in blue. I tried a few things to improve the pattern (like seperate cast on of the two colors) and most of it worked. I'm still not 100% happy on how the edges have turned out, but well, you can't have everything.

Last night, I also picked up 'Not Forgotten' again. And discovered that I have run out of 807 - the sea dragons will miss a bit, until I'm back home. I *think* I have another skein a home.

No pictures for obvious reasons (like having no camera with me)

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stitcherw said...

Sounds like you have been busy, isn't it a shame that work has to get in the way of stitching. Oh well, hopefully it settles down soon. Looking forward to seeing pictures of the potholder and Not Forgotten.