Sunday, March 30, 2014

Home Decoration

After eight year living in my appartement I thought it's about time I redecorated a bit.
I moved some furniture around, the DVD shelf went to another wall, the dinning table now sits closer to the middle of the living room (and I found a great lamp to illuminate the previously little dark area)
After moving the shelves, the wall they stood against retained their image - or in other words, the light blue wall now showed a bit different blue than the rest of the wall where the shelves had shaded it from the sunlight.
 Luckily, that's what paint is for. I opt for a darker shade of blue (called sea blue) and started painting.
Three layers later I finally had a uniform surface (and let it be said that watching paint dry, can actually be kinda exciting - will it be uniform this time, or not?)
I had quilted the swans in Sweden in February and lastly I added a tunnel in the back for hanging.
 I'm very, very pleased how this turned out.

Sunday, March 23, 2014

An Old Promise And A New Start

A while ago I promise a friend to also make her a kindle cover. As she 'named' her kindle 'Hawkeye' (like the character from the Avengers), it was clear early on that the color scheme would be black and purple.
Hawkeye is a sharp shooter, so a crosshair target was the obvious choice for the front side. On the back I applicated the mask he's wearing in the comics.
From her reaction I think it was right on target.

A few years back, on vacation in the US (or maybe Canada, I'm not 100% sure) I bought about 1kg of cheap yarn with the intention of making it into a blanket one day. Yesterday I finally pulled it out of hiding and started making half square triangles. 
A nice, easy, portable project.

Sunday, March 16, 2014

I Have Knitting

Finally some finished knitting stuff.

'Off for a walk with Charlotte' was my Olympia project. I did cast while watching the opening ceremony and did cast off at the closing. In between I had a false start, as the pattern I picked originally just didn't work with the yarn.
The yarn, a Blue Faced Leicester by Fleece Artist in the colorway Nova Scotia, had been a birthday present a few years back.

The second project was looooong in the making (I think I started in September). A summer cardigan made from Wollmeise Lace in the colorway Admiral. The pattern is called 'Chance of Shower' is a pretty cool construction and very well written. Still, I made a few changes, mainly in the lower body part, where I ended up making fewer increases than the pattern says.
 As you can see, it's currently blocking and I hope it will fit well once it's dry.

Sunday, March 09, 2014

Animals of the West

And as the weather is still spring like and sunny, we went to the 'Alte Fasanerie' (an old park - pheasantry -  with animals close to Hanau)
The wild sows just about had their first bunch of little piglets.
 In the falconry we watched the flight show (always impressive). I always loved the eagles and the eagle-owls (though Athila, the mascot of the Frankfurt Football Club 'Eintracht Frankfurt' was not in today - I think he had to support the team ...)
 There was a group of lynx.
 And finally, the have two groups of wolves. The more local gray wolf (canis lupus)
And a group of arctic wolves (canis lupus arctos)
 Isn't he/she an absolute beauty?

Animals of the East

Last weekend - with wonderful early spring time weather - I went to the zoo in Dresden.
Lions, ...
... koalas, ...
... and giraffes, oh my!
 Following the zoo, I also went to a flower exhibition in the palais in the Great Garden (think New York Central Park, only somewhat smaller and more barock).