Sunday, March 23, 2014

An Old Promise And A New Start

A while ago I promise a friend to also make her a kindle cover. As she 'named' her kindle 'Hawkeye' (like the character from the Avengers), it was clear early on that the color scheme would be black and purple.
Hawkeye is a sharp shooter, so a crosshair target was the obvious choice for the front side. On the back I applicated the mask he's wearing in the comics.
From her reaction I think it was right on target.

A few years back, on vacation in the US (or maybe Canada, I'm not 100% sure) I bought about 1kg of cheap yarn with the intention of making it into a blanket one day. Yesterday I finally pulled it out of hiding and started making half square triangles. 
A nice, easy, portable project.

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Petra said...

It was definitely right on target! :)