Sunday, March 09, 2014

Animals of the West

And as the weather is still spring like and sunny, we went to the 'Alte Fasanerie' (an old park - pheasantry -  with animals close to Hanau)
The wild sows just about had their first bunch of little piglets.
 In the falconry we watched the flight show (always impressive). I always loved the eagles and the eagle-owls (though Athila, the mascot of the Frankfurt Football Club 'Eintracht Frankfurt' was not in today - I think he had to support the team ...)
 There was a group of lynx.
 And finally, the have two groups of wolves. The more local gray wolf (canis lupus)
And a group of arctic wolves (canis lupus arctos)
 Isn't he/she an absolute beauty?

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