Sunday, March 30, 2014

Home Decoration

After eight year living in my appartement I thought it's about time I redecorated a bit.
I moved some furniture around, the DVD shelf went to another wall, the dinning table now sits closer to the middle of the living room (and I found a great lamp to illuminate the previously little dark area)
After moving the shelves, the wall they stood against retained their image - or in other words, the light blue wall now showed a bit different blue than the rest of the wall where the shelves had shaded it from the sunlight.
 Luckily, that's what paint is for. I opt for a darker shade of blue (called sea blue) and started painting.
Three layers later I finally had a uniform surface (and let it be said that watching paint dry, can actually be kinda exciting - will it be uniform this time, or not?)
I had quilted the swans in Sweden in February and lastly I added a tunnel in the back for hanging.
 I'm very, very pleased how this turned out.


Petra said...

Das sieht ja echt klasse aus!

Stefanie Kolb said...

ui! sehr blau :) :)

Elizabeth said...