Saturday, March 02, 2013

The Final (Guitar) Frontier

One of Michael's items on his wishlist this year was a book with notes for his guitar.
I got that, but I also wanted to MAKE something for him. I remembered one of the fabrics I picked up on the Creativ Market in Wiesbaden last year.
There was only one fat quarter left at the stall and Michael let me buy it, even though he was interested in it as well. A fat quarter is not much, but it was enough for the idea I had, and so he's now getting a guitar strap with a very spacy theme.

I bought a ready made guitar strap and dismantled it to get to the hardware. Then I sewed a stripe 5cm wide (2"), one side with the space fabric and the other side with some black with golden dots. Worked very well together. Some interfacing inbetween, a bit of quilting and finished.
I hope he likes it.

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