Sunday, May 31, 2009

Guild and Trade

Last weekend we went to the Zunft- und Handwerkersmarkt in Seligenstadt (guild and trade market).
It was a fantastic showcase for old (as in traditional) arts, like millering, black smithing, spinning, carpeting ... (basically all the stuff that was already known in the middle ages and required a profession to do)

The place for the event was the (now defunct) abby in Seligenstadt. The weather was fantastic and the setting fitted perfectly the event.

There also was some needle crafts, like making bobbin lace.

There was also a very lovely lady, who did a lot of explaining, and if I had time I think I would be tempted to try a hand in it myself.

There was also some entertainment, like this group here, which did a very funny little play.

And there were also some acrobats, like this lady on the trapeze.

It was a very lovely day.

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