Sunday, May 31, 2009

Playing With Dolls

I admit, I'm probably too old to play with dolls anymore - though something like that never did stop me before, so why should I start now?
What I did start with is with MAKING dolls - or rather A doll (singular)
His name is Wictor (yes, with a 'W') and he's based on the character of Pavel Chekov in the new Star Trek movie. There's this scene in the movie where he's trying to enter his pass code, but instead of saying 'Victor, Victor' he ends up saying (with his cute Russian accent) 'Wictor, Wictor'

He's actually more of a test balloon, because I plan on making a Spock, a Kirk and a McCoy doll eventually, though I think not with the above pattern (which actually is based on the Kuschelschaf)

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