Sunday, September 17, 2006

Nadel und Faden

We (a couple of friends and I) went to the Nadel und Faden (Needle and Thread) yesterday.
It was too hot inside (oxygen is not just a good idea, really) and it was to full, but I still had a plast.
And a pretty good haul, too.
- six x-stitch pattern (one more is going to be send to me)
- four hanks of Needle Neccassity cotton thread
- one ball of Noro Kyoro, some Lana yarn
- a bag of beads
- a small band of linen for a bookmark
- a small band in blue for some bead work

I stayed within me budget and am quite happy with my loot

Back to knitting socks (did I mention that I got a package on Friday with Opal sock wool Hundertwasser edition? I'm going to try that across knitting of socks next *grin*)

Loved this week's Atlantis (Phantoms). The episode could have been a fanfic - though, I guess, I would notched up the danger for McKay ;)
No really good quotes though, so I have a quote from the last week, McKay and Mrs. Miller. and, yes, two McKays are better than one:

Sheppard: Well, I’ve got to admit, between you and me, you’re a lot different than our Rodney too.
Rod: How so?
Sheppard: It’s the little things. You like golf, you say “please” and “thank you,” you’re--what’s the opposite of “condescending”?

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Mrs. Piney said...

Hi there ^-^,

klar bringe ich meine 'Sch├Ątzchen' mal am Samstag mit. Vielleicht kann ich ja dann auch Michael etwas zum 'abwickeln' missbrauchen, der Arme.
Bin schon gespannt wie ein Flitzebogen auf die neue SGA Folge, bounce, bounce, bounce...
Mrs. Piney