Sunday, November 04, 2012

Slowly Approaching

It's less about seven weeks to Christmas, but this year I'm prepared!

Well, that is I'm already working on x-mas decorations.
The first one is a Bascetta Star, a bloody brilliant origami star with 20 points, made from 30 pieces of square paper. You fold each of the 30 pieces of paper into a specific diamond shape and then you built the star without a drop of glue or any other additional fixing aid.
Briliant and a little bit magical.

The other is a bit more mundane and involves a lot of hand sewing. It's using the Englisch Paper Piecing technique, which I really wanted to try out. I particularly like how the one on the right has turned out.

Other than that I'm making progress on my rainbow patchwork blanket. After a visit to my local patchwork dealer, ehr, sorry, store, I decided to neither go with white or gray, but went with a very dark blue instead. Good choice I would say.
Those patches (224 in number) have now been sewn into four-patches and trimmed to the be the same size (I aimed for 8 inches, but had to settle for 7 3/4 inches).
I've got enough squares left over to add a rainbow stripe in the border, but am not so sure if I've got enough of the dark blue for this. And as it was the last my dealer had left, I need to do some math before I decide to go this way. So, Im off to pull out my trusted measuring tape.

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