Sunday, November 18, 2007

Hot off the Needle

I've been thinking very hard (well, maybe not too super hard, but I've been thinking) if I ever made a hat. And I'm pretty sure I didn't. Not in the last 20 years anyway. But given the amount of snow I saw last week and the fact that winter is going to be long, I decided to give it a spin. I looked at patterns and then I made something up (inspired by some, but not following any 'official' pattern)

I had the wool in my stash. It was one of those typical sales buy - no idea what to do with it really, but, hey, it was cheap. I did a pair of fingerless gloves of the middle blue wool, so I was not sure how much I had left, which is the reason I added the stripes - which I seriously like :)
Of course, still got plenty of wool left ...
The hat is a bit on the short side, and I was thinking about ripping it up and start again, but then I decided that it's okay as it is and if I want a warmer hat, I always can knit another one (I did mention that there's still some wool left, right?)

I did buy some sock wool last week, and I'm going to start a new pair tonight. And, no, I don't have enough sock wool already, why do you ask?

Also, I did promise a new pic of king Tut and here it is:

In case you wonder, I worked on the left had side of the picture, a lot of the background there and a good part of his head dress. Still some way to go, though.

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stitcherw said...

Your hat turned out cute. I love the blues, and the stripes on it are fun. You made a lot of headway on King Tut too, he's looking great.