Monday, July 30, 2007

Flowers of Alaska (and Mt Rainer)

Well, that's it. I'm back home from my vacation. Nine days of Alaska and seven days of Seattle / Mt Rainer NP. The weather was so-so - there have been good days (like the last two days in Seattle) and not so good days (like most other days when it rained or was foggy or simply overcast). Not the best way to get a tan ;)

I did read Harry Potter 7 within two days (it was raining, what else was there to do?) but I also did get out for some hiking. And while hiking I did a few photos of flowers (they do have the advantage that they don't run away when one gets close ... most animals are not so accommodating)

As I don't have anything to show stitching vice (I haven't stitch anything (at all) while on vacation) and only knitted one sock (which I'm not even sure I like and might frog again), here some of those flower pictures.

The quick tour of the flowers in South East Alaska and Mt Ranier National Park

Fuchsia at the B&B we were staying in in Craig (Prince of Wales Island):

Fireweed (all over the place)

Salmonberry (taste good too)

pretty flower (might be a Columbine flower)

another pretty flower

Indian Paintbrush

Some sort of bell flower (might be foxglove)

Maybe, next time, some land scapes - and then I should have something to show on the knitting or stitching front ...

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stitcherw said...

Glad you had a good time, the pictures are beautiful. I've never been to Alaska, but it is a place I've thought I'd like to visit. Your pictures are making me think it is a place I'd really like to go sometime.