Sunday, December 16, 2007

There's wool in Japan

... though it's not that easy to find, sometimes.
To start with, I've found a list from the Tokyo Stitch 'n Bitch for yarn stores in Tokyo. From the three I noted from this list, I couldn't find the first, because I couldn't even find the subway station, the second I found the subway station, but not the store (but I found a lovely place, selling beads) and the last one I only found after I basically had given up and was on my way back to the station - the name was writting only on one side of the building in western letters. However, that last one was certainly I hit.

Those will be one day two pairs of socks (both are 100% wool, though not sure if they are superwash):

Thouse will eventually be knitted up into a shawl (with beads):

This one is already in the process of being turned into a fancy little shawl (very glittery that one):

Those ... I have no idea what I make with those, but they were just too pretty to pass up:

Of course, having all this wool, with no clear idea what the yarn actually contains, is a bit of an adventure in knitting and also the fact that there will be no more of it (at least not until my next Japan trip which might be some time)

Back home, I finished today the second of the green pair of socks:

I managed to match them almost perfectly :)
Yarn is Regia 4 ply Canyon Color 2810, the pattern is basically the Mermaid Socks from Cool Socks Warm Feet, though I've changed cuff, heel and toes and also made it so that pattern doesn't go across the sole (and this was a bit fiddly to find out). I've tried to make the second sock spin in the other direction, but it didn't work out the way I wanted so both twist in same way.
My mon volunteered to take them off my hands, so there's going to have a new home soon.

Trip homw wasn't too bad - I'm tiered, though ...

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stitcherw said...

Glad you were able to locate at least one of the stores, and it looks like you had some wonderful finds. Your new socks look great too, congrats on getting the lines to match so perfectly.