Sunday, October 19, 2008

The Importance Of Doing Backstitches

So, my Aunt's Duty is done, all that's left is to deliver the finished product into the arms of my sister.

The knitting was the easy part, the sewing and the stiching not so much. First I tried to use normal stitching floss for the letters, but this looked crap. Of course I had no wool in the correct color in my stash (and considering how much wool I have in my stash, this surprised even me), so I went and bought some more yarn. As I was able to return two balls of the original yarn that I didn't need, this wasn't so bad. However, my self-control was so weak that I bought more yarn for my next big project, a new cardigan (more of that one maybe next week)
(or, rather, if I have to drive all the way to the yarn store, I m ight as well buy more wool, right?)

I have a little in-between project going, from a wool I bought two years ago on the Isle of Skye in Scottland. 100% wool in natural white ... that's pretty much all I know about that wool.
It's perfect though for this project:

Wrist warmers (the link to the pattern is here; it's in German though...)
One wrist warmer is finished, the other is half way there.

Last week I've got back to the Castle Sampler. As I was a bit sick of all that border stitching, I've started with one of the figures in the lower part of the sampler.

See: Man in chair (without back stitches)

And see: Man in chair WITH back stitches
I might bitch and moan about doing bs, but in the end it's so much worth it.

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stitcherw said...

The sweater turned out wonderful, sorry the stitching and lettering of it was such a pain. The wrist warmer looks beautiful too. As to Castle, boy does the backstitching make it pop. I hate backstitching as well, but like you really appreciate the affect that it provides.