Sunday, July 26, 2009

White and Blue

I've been good and actually did sew together all squares of the afghan (there are a few strangled threads left, but I'll take care of them later). I've also started on the border, which will take some time. So far, the afghan is 180 cm by 120cm, which makes for 6 meters of border.

(I know, the color of the border and the square is different, but I hope this equalizes as soon as the whole thing is once washed together)

For distraction and also in a weak attempt to reduce my stash (weak, because I added so much the last couple of weeks, three hanks of yarn less are not going to be noticed) , I started another experiment on felting. This time I certainly can't complain about the finished object not being felted sufficiently.

The original inspiration is the pattern Percy, though this bag is not felted, and there's also a additional inner pocket, which I left out in the end because the bag turned out so small (I did start knitting it, though).
It did shrink by about 30% in the washing machine and it produced a lovely tight fabric. The strap *is* too short, but I can't really change that now.
I'm thinking about some additional decoration, but haven't decided yet.

I also started on a new project, a lacy wrap called Juno Regina. The yarn is Trekking Hand Art and I do have three hanks, so I could go for a nice, large wrap. But one of the hanks turned out to have much less of the lighter blue in it as the other two, so I will first see how far I get with the two lighter hanks and then decide if I do add the third one. The warp (at least the way I'm going to make it) is knitted from both tips, so if the middle bit turns out to be somewhat darker, it shouldn't be a problem.

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