Sunday, August 29, 2010

Look, I've made something

My friend lost the film container she had used to store her needles (sewing, stitching, you name it ...). She's been complaining about it for weeks, so I decided I solve the problem for her. 2008 I've made the Needle Case Guardian by Teresa Wentzler. This time I've decided to stitch it on a blue fabric. I had to change a few things, but in essence it's the same needle case.

I gave it to her yesterday and she seemed very happy about it.

Then, a few weeks ago, I came across a yarn called 'Sekku' by Noro yarns. As most Noro yarns it is very bright with many different collors. Sekku is a lace weight yarn (about 400m to 50g) made from cotton, silk, wool and nylon. It feels very nice.
I've decided to crochet a scarf from it and I used every last scrape. In the end it turned out a bit on the shortish side with only 150cm, but over all it's okay.

Knitting wise I'm make a triangular scarf from Jawoll Magic (the same yarn I've made my last socks). The pattern is called Shaelyn. I hope I have enough yarn for one more repeat.
Keep your fingers crossed.

My new internet connection is acting up a bit. I hope I get that posted ....

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