Sunday, November 14, 2010


A few weeks ago Aldi had a sale on wool for felting. Never one to refuse to buy yarn on sale, I bought two packs, one in red and one in grey.

For a while already, I've had my eyes on the pattern for the French Press Felted Slippers, so I purchased the pattern, got me a set of needles and went to work. The knitting up was done quickly (I did add some Cascade 220 for the sole and the straps). I then sewed them up and last Thursday I've pulled out my bucket and plunger and started on the felting/fulling process. While I splashed away, I did listen to the soundtrack of Glee on my ipod, hence I dubbed them 'Glees'

It worked out pretty well and they fit nicely.

I might end up making another pair soon ....

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