Thursday, May 12, 2011

Iceland Afghan in Moritzburg

Last weekend I finished the latest afghan in my collection. It is knitted with yarn I've bought mostly in Iceland two years ago, originally planned to be used for a cardigan. The yarn is Lett Lopi, it comes in a billion different colors and is dirt cheap (especially in Iceland).
Eventually I decided to not do the cardi and knit a blanket instead. I added a few more skeins of different colors to match the original set and started knitting.

Each square is 24 stitches wide and 48 row long in garder stitch. I used a little bit under 2 skeins for 7 squares, so in the end the blanket / afghan came out as 9 x 7 squares. For the border I used another 2 skeins. I made a really, really long circular needle by connecting three cables from an interchangable needle set. With this circular needle I picked up around 770 stitches all around, then I increased by two stitches in every corner every other row.
When I got the the cast of, I held my breath if the yarn would be enough. I wouldn't have been, if not for some pieces of scrap yarn I pulled out of my trash (it was on the top, and I washed it before I sliced it to the rest, so the yuck factor was not too bad). In the end I had about 10cm left *phew*

The afghan is super cushy.
I dragged it out to the castle in Moritzburg the other day for a photo session (spot the afghan in the picture ;))

I'm madly, deeply in love with that afghan. I do love everything about it.

And it's mine.

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Laila said...

What a beautiful Afgan, and what a great idea to have it photographed in front of such a wonderful building. I might perhaps steal that idea from you.