Sunday, December 18, 2011

Military History

The Museum for Military History reopened a couple of months ago after its remodeling by the US star-architect Daniel Liebeskind (funny little side note here, when I had my prom at the end of dancing school, my partner's name was also Liebeskind, though I think he was a Detlef ...).
I do like this new addition to the place, a pretty cool mix of classic and modern. From the tip of the wedge you also have a pretty good view out over Dresden.
The museum itself was quite interesting - we Germans have a somewhat strange view at our military history and it certainly wasn't always flowers and songs. So it's not an easy task to find a good balance to show to the audience.The building has a lot of unusual angles and corners, and on one of the slanting walls they displayed a couple of bombs seemingly falling directly down on you. Not a nice thought to know that not too long ago those weren't just props in a museum, but real bombs made to kill people.

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