Thursday, May 16, 2013

Rhubarb 2013

I tried to repeat the experiment from last year, making rhubarb-banana jam. Only, this time it didn't come out the same way as last time.
First, the rhubarb juice turned out a bit on the weak side - the sirup I made from it only seems to have a hint of the fruit (okay, I know, technically, rhubarb is a veggie, but I disgress). Then the bananas were just about ripe (as in not ripe enough). And the lemon zest I've used came on pretty strong.
I'm not saying that the jam is bad ... it's just not as good as the last time I made this.
As I also had a mango I needed to use up, and some strawberries, I've also made a rhubarb-mango-strawberry jam. This one didn't want to gel in the first round, so I dumped it all back in to the cooking pot and added lemon acid and more pectin and now you could cut butter with it.

 For a very good friend, who's birthday was this week, I made potholders. For me, they would be a bit on the large side (they turned out 28cm across), but my friend said they are the perfect size for her husband.

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