Sunday, October 13, 2013

Canada - Random Stuff

Just a couple of random pictures from the trip to Canada.
First one is the RV we had for the trip. This pic pretty much sums up the way most of our vacation was - some clouds, but also some sun; fall foliage, though not in the vivid reds of the East Coast; and, of course our home for the first two weeks.
 This is the bridge at Teslin, the longest bridge on the Alaska Highway.
 One of several pictures I took at the Sign Post Forest at Watson Lake. With over 70.000 signs, one could look around for hours.
 Hyder in Alaska. When we went out there after spending a night across the border in Steward, we actually hoped to see some bears. Instead we saw an absolute calm ocean shrouded in fog and with sureal reflections on the water.
 One drawback of clear nights is that - even though it was just September - we had temperatures well below freezing some nights. Ah well, perfect sunny days more than made up for this.
 A gas station on the water - not something you see every day. That is, unless you live in Vancouver. Then you simply might pull your seaplane over to fill up there.

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