Thursday, February 20, 2014

Sweden 2014

By now it's almost a tradition that I visit my sister in Sweden during the Olympic Games. A good excuse to spend time with her and my nephew, who, this time, even had a birthday to throw in (and I made a big birthday cake for him ...)
As the first attempt for my mom's table topper ended up a bit on the large side of things, it now went to my sister.
The pattern is called 'Lone Star' and is waaaaaay easier to do than the 'doves in the window'. For one, you start simply by sewing three stripes together and then cut them at an angle. The eight points are identical, so not so much chance to mix things up.
And, if I may say so, the result looks pretty cool.

Swedish weather was pretty mixed, but at least one day was bright and sunny, even if it was rather windy, so I grapped my camera and made a few pics.
The Swedish coast:
 Proof I was in Sweden:
 And the very first spring flowers peaking through.

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