Sunday, June 28, 2015

Avengers Assemble - A Quilt

To those who know me it's not a big surprice that I'm a big Avengers fan. I love the movies to pieces, Iron Man being my favorite, but I'm also quite fond of Captain America, the Hulk (Mark Ruffalo version), Hawkeye, Black Widow and, not to forget, Thor.
I'm not alone with this.
So, when I got that crazy idea into my head to make an Avengers Quilt, I immediately knew where it would go to. And last Wednesday I finally could hand the quilt over.
 The quilt consists of 145 blue 4 inch patches in various shades of blues. They frame the symbols for the six Avengers (as of the first Avengers movie), plus the Avengers logo itself.
 I worked each of the Avengers as a seperate unit with a different blue background. For the symbols I used different techniques. Some applique (Averngers logo), some paper piecing (Thor's hammer), some reverse applique (Ironman and Hulk), ...
 I quilted the units by first tracing the symbols, then writing the names and the 'secret' identities of each of the characters (i.e. Captain America aka Steve Rogers). I then quited the background with a free motion swirly pattern
 On this background pic of Thor's hammer you can see the tracing I did and the names (though in reverse) and the rest of the quilting.
I had a lot of fun designing this quilt, working out the hows and whats, and sewing it.
It is an unique quilt, and I learned quite a bit making it.
I know it's now at its new home where it will  be loved and appreciated (and hopefully been ued to snuggle up in to watch an Avengers marathon once in a while ...)


Gina said...

THis is awesome. I daren't let my daughter see it as she'll be nagging me for one. We are huge Avengers fans in this house as well, although I'm on Loki's side and was devastated he wasn't in the new one

Kat said...

Really awesome quilt! I love all the logos.

Jennie @ Porch Swing Quilts said...

It really is so cool! My boys would love one like this.