Sunday, August 16, 2015

Dresden Sunflowers

Another quilting technique I always wanted to try are the so-called Dresden Plates. With Dresden plates you cut wedges from you fabrics, sew them into a circle and applique the plate then on some background fabric. The number of wedges you use depend on the angle of your wedges, i.e. if you cut at an 20deg angle, you get 18 wedges.
 The first two plates I just used to play aound with the technique (i.e. how big do they turn out? How much to I need to / can remove from the center? ...)
Then I made two plates in white and yellow.
I appliqued them on a green background and added a brown circle for the center.
Some flower stems and a couple of leave.
Tata! Dresden Sunflowers (and doesn't the name give me a little giggle fit every single time, as I do spend so much time in Dresden)


Kate said...

These are beautiful!

sue said...

Just so darn happy and the pieced background is fabulous. Well done!