Saturday, March 26, 2016

Rasberry Kiss Pillow

I came across this pattern on the web and, in a spout of startitis, I made another pillow.
 The pattern is called Rasberry Kiss. I've made originally 25 blocks, but decided that this would get way too big for a pillow, so I picked out 16 blocks.The neutrals are mostly from a half jelly roll I picked up in the quilt shop in Frankfurt. I've found that I could get enough for 2 blocks from each stripe with just a little bit left over. Also, one 5 by 5 inch bit of the blue fabric is enough for two crosses.
The whole thing came together quickly.

After neglecting it for several months, I finally came back to the Tuly Pink City Sampler. I've finished the stripes section (block 56 ~ 70). I started thinking about a layout for the quilt, but am rather undecided at the moment. 

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Gina said...

Love the pillow. The blues really pop with the low volume backgrounds. I need to get back to my City Sampler too. I've done half of the blocks but need to get some more batiks to finish the rest.